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This 15 Year-Old Chef is Opening a Culinary Center

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The kid to the right is named Greg Grossman. He is 15 years-old and made it into a Post article today about prodigies at the Professional Children's School on West 60th Street. Grossman "runs his own catering company, the Culinaria Group, and is opening an international culinary center in Connecticut."

Also, he "has 500 dishes in his repertoire"

And, he "discovered his passion for the business when he was 9, washing dishes in a Hamptons restaurant managed by his parents' friends."

Plus!: "'Most of my friends are co-workers who are between 25 and 40 years old,' said Grossman, who said he will eventually open his own restaurant in New York. He recently turned down a reality-TV opportunity."

Why'd he turn it down? "The show would have diluted my message. I wouldn't have had the respect of anyone in my field." Good call, young Grossman. Don't want to sell out too soon. (Follow him on Twitter here!)
Update: Grossman calls to say he was misquoted by the Post. He is neither opening a culinary center nor his own restaurant, but is helping out with friends' projects as much as possible.
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