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More on The Meat Hook's Exclusive Saw-Like Brunch

On Friday, we mentioned one of the courses at The Meat Hook's strange, experimental, and somewhat sadistic exclusive all-you-can-eat $50 brunch is a slice of pizza bought the night before at a slice shop. But that's just the beginning. Zagat has a rundown of the whole experience and writes that a recent menu included, in order, a plate of Christmas cookies with spiked coffee, a shot of Schnapps with a slice of beef jerky, leftover pizza with Miller High Life, sausage and pulled pork sandwiches with "margatinis", lentil soup, split pea soup, and beef stew, and a Yorkshire pudding French toast sundae served with a spicy play on the pickle back shot called the punishment-back. Oh and that's not it. The next course doesn't come until the previous course has been completely finished.

Their final takeaway: "It’s delicious and a good time (if you’re game), but also grueling, a little cruel and kind of gross when you stop to think about it." At one point, the author says he feels like he's in a deleted scene of Saw.
· Meat Hook Brunch: Hurts So Good [Zagat]

The Meat Hook

100 Frost St., Brooklyn, NY