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Drunken Man Learns Not To Violate The Door At Clancy's/Irish Exit

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Velvet ropes and large bouncers were put outside of bar doors to help maintain order and safety. Unfortunately, patrons sometimes have trouble respecting both of these items and that leads to trouble with a capital T. A good example of this recently happened at Clancy's the Irish Exit, a nondescript Turtle Bay area tavern. It seems that two gentleman were denied entry to the bar and just couldn't take no for an answer. But instead of walking in any direction and finding another bar, they decided to argue with the large bouncer and violate the airport-esque security barrier, leading to some predictable and scary results. So what happens when a small man decided to test his strength four times against a ginormous bouncer?

While no one likes to see anyone ever get hurt, it seems like these two jokers were really looking to make a scene. Wasn't getting shoved the first two times enough for that guy? Did he really need to go back for two more?
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