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Inside Elevated American Bistro Goat Town, Now Open

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[Krieger 12/1/10]

First Edi & The Wolf, now Goat Town? What is it with restaurant names this week. Couldn't we have just ended 2010 with Fat Radish?

Anyway. Goat's Town is apparently the precursor to "Gotham"? Which was coined by Washington Irving. So, street cred. The restaurant is an elevated American bistro helmed by Nick Morgenstern, recently of The General Greene, and chef Joel Hough, recently of Cookshop. As is la mode these days, the pair will grow herbs and veggies in a backyard garden and all pickling, preserving, and jarring will be done in house. And thus, the food will be seasonal and ingredient-driven "with a focus on authentic and flavorful American classics." Plus, they have an oyster bar and a happy hour.

As for the look, they've outfitted the old Butcher Bay/Seymour Burton space with a tin ceiling, a copper bar, and those above white tiled benches, which look pretty cool, but may be tough on the tookus. Here is a Brunch PDF, and the dinner and cocktail menus are below:

Goat Town Dinner 11-29

Beer - Wine - Cocktails_Dinner 11-26

Goat Town

511 East 5th Street, New York, NY 10009 (212) 687-3641