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Hot Looks from Hot Cooks: Just the Ladies

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Earlier this week, we took a look at some of the cool styles that male chefs are rocking these days. And even though the guys are killing it, they still ain’t got nothing on the girls. Here’s a rundown of the hot lady looks from the hot lady cooks that are blowing minds and breaking hearts both inside and outside the kitchen right now:

Lucky Charms:

[Nikki Cascone of Octavia's Porch (pre-haircut), Butter's Alex Guarnaschelli , Sorella's Emma Hearst]

Many of the city’s hottest chefs are rocking simple necklace/charm combos. It’s the perfect accessory for a night on the line, or a night on the town!

Rosie the Riveter:
[The Pies 'n' Thighs crew, Annisa's Anita Lo, The Momofuku Milk Bar Team]

This simple look — inspired by one of the most indelible images of the 20th century — is a cool way to add a little color to the standard kitchen attire, while keeping in line with DOH restrictions. The full-bandana variation is also a sly way to let your fellow cooks know that you’re a fan of the late, great David Foster Wallace.

Pattern Party:
[Former Centro Vinoteca chef/TV personality Anne Burrell, Dos Caminos's Ivy Stark, Former Eataly butcher/food-art maven Jennifer Rubell]

Ditching the whites in favor of a silk pattern dress is a recipe for fun. Whether you wear your hair up or down, these little numbers always look great.

The Pelosi:
[Manzo's Lidia Bastianich, Hill Country Chicken's Elizabeth Karmel, Jody Williams, formerly of Gottino]

Many women chefs are taking nods from a certain Washington fashion plate — and we’re not talking about Michelle Obama here. The great thing about this look is its versatility: scarf, shawl, suit, blouse – just stick to a few solids, keep the hair parted on the side and it’s a sure-fire hit.

Special Jury Prize:
[Donatella: blue suit, black hat, white blouse, red dress, vespa, black dress]

From her extensive collection of Louboutins, to her fierce suit combos, to her blinged-out pizza oven, Donatella Arpaia is always one fire in the style department. Some of our favorite looks include: Boho Bricklayer, Beat Poet, Under the Tuscan Sun, Red Carpet, Roman Holiday and Feisty Widow. Someone give this woman her own fashion magazine already!

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