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Sara Jenkins' Porsena Now Officially Open

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21 East 7th St., East Village
Phone: 212-228-4923
Status: Opens tonight.

About one month late and one liquor license short, Sara Jenkins opens her East Village rustic Italian restaurant Porsena tonight. The booze should be coming soon, but for now her menu is going to have to be enough to tide everyone over. On said menu is her killer take on mac 'n' cheese (called twists with many cheeses), orrechiette with spicy lamb sausage, and a great spaghetti with clams along with mains like roasted chicken and Niman pork chops. The space itself is smallish, with one side set aside for reservations, the long bar and bar tables for walkins, and a special, kitchen-side table reserved for special, large family style dinners. Lunch won't start for a couple more months while Jenkins' and co. settle in.
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Posena Menu


21 East 7th Street, Manhattan, NY 10003 Visit Website


21 East 7th St., New York, NY

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