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Graffit Brings Avant-Garde Spanish Cuisine to the UWS

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rear atrium
rear atrium

Last night, Spanish import chef Jesús Núñez opened his Upper West Side restaurant Graffit. As the name would suggest, there is an overarching graffiti theme here—the chef/owner was once a graffiti and fine artist—both in the decor and in the food as he is focused on, per press materials, "turning his dishes into playful and provocative works of art."

Those familiar with Madrid may recognize Núñez's efforts over there, with his acclaimed restaurants Polenta and Flou. For those who have never heard of him, just know this is going to be some wacky, at times avant-garde cooking. For example, "Tortilla Espanola, served in a martini glass, features 8 textures from fried potatoes to creamy onions topped with an egg soufflé"

The restaurant, designed by Garrett Singer (Hill Country, Klee Brasserie) offers 31 seats in the tapas and bar room, 26 in the dining room, and another 26 in the Garden Room (photo 1). Here's the menu:


141 West 69th Street, New York, NY 10023 646-692-8762