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Irving Mill Duo Tries Again with La Follia Osteria in Gramercy

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[Gary Wong]

Last night Suzanne Riva and her husband Mario opened their long planned Gramercy Park area casual Italian spot La Follia. The Rivas are the duo behind the sadly shuttered restaurant Irving Mill and its sister restaurant Candela. Now they're trying again with the cuisine of the moment, rustic Italian fare. The menu is broken up into antipasti, salads, small plates, crostini, salumi, and cheeses to start and then paninis, pastas, and mains like baked eggplant parmigiana, hangar steak, and roasted chicken. Everything is under $20 and is under the control of Mercedes Bautista, a sous chef at Irving Mill.

The one problem: they are awaiting their liquor license. When that comes, the enoteca next door will open as a companion to the dining room. Until then, it's mocktails for all.