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Stumptown Opens at the Whitney; Richman on Anonymity

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UPPER EAST SIDE— Diner's Journal reports that a Stumptown coffee bar has opened up at The Whitney. [DJ]

TO CATCH A CRITIC—After Eater National called him an “unanonymous altacocker” today, GQ’s Alan Richman responds: “I never let restaurants I review know I'm coming, and while I'm often recognized while visiting NY restaurants, so is almost every other NY critic. Instantly. Everyone is unanonymous these days.” Okay, but not every New York critic makes videos with the chefs and then puts them on year-end top ten lists. [Eater National]

CHELSEA—New York Burger Co., the chain opening a location in what has been deemed a cursed space over in Chelsea, opened to the public today, a week after a public exorcism. According to DNA Info, "An hour in, business bustled and the order line stretched to the door." [DNA Info]

[Photo: Oliver Strand/DJ]

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

212b Pacific Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (347) 416-6741 Visit Website

The Whitney

945 Madison Ave., New York, NY

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