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Hawaiian Tropic Zone, Bikini Clad Workers Leave Times Sq.

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Six months after the tragic loss of ESPN Zone comes another blow to Times Square. Zagat reports that Hawaiian Tropic Zone is closed for good. The phone is disconnected, the website is down.

The "restaurant," which hired bikini clad ladies as waitresses, closed in February '09 for a $500,000 three month revamp which was actually a downsizing of sorts, as it moved all restaurant operations to their second level. This move came after a speech discrimination case and a $600 million sexual assault suit.

But don't worry fellas—there are still plenty of bikini bars in New York. One is just down the way at Port Authority.
· Hawaiian Tropic Zone Dunzo (For Real This Time) [Zagat]

Hawaiian Tropic Zone

729 7th Ave., New York, NY