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WaPo Uncovers Vast Anti-DC Bias in NYT Dining Section

New Washington Post food writer Tim Carman has uncovered sweeping journalistic bias — perhaps even a conspiracy! — against the nation's capitol in The New York Times' dining section. In a sarcasm-laden post, Carman references digs against the D.C. dining scene made in the paper throughout the years, most recently here. Then he pleads with the Grey Lady to leave them be:

Could you please stop rubbing our noses in our inferiority? We understand by now. You're better than we are. Your fashion is better than ours, your art is better and, of course, your restaurants are better. Washingtonians will forever cower in the long shadow cast by Gotham...

Yes, yes, it's pitiful. Capitol Hill and environs are drowning in junk food...I know it doesn't make any difference that the economy is rough and most restaurateurs don't have millions, or even access to it, to sink into a fine-dining operation that might or might not appease some rumpled, solitary, overworked Michelin inspector who, far as I know, doesn't even wander into the Washington metro area.

Sounds like someone's feelings were hurt!
· Dear New York Times: We get it. Your restaurants are better than ours [WaPo via Eater National]
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