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Bar Paya Gets Updated Menu; UES Hates Food Trucks

EAST VILLAGE— Diner's Journal reports that Bar Paya, the Peruvian restaurant owned by the folks from Wine Bar (and adjacent to it) has a new, more authentic menu. [DJ]

UPPER EAST SIDE— According to a report by DNA Info street carts are unwelcome on the Upper East Side. One has been exiled "after a month-long ticketing blitz, culminating in an arrest and confiscation of the truck." [DNA Info]

LOWER EAST SIDE—How funny is it when people describe their tattoos? Here's chef Chris Santos: "My left arm is a collage of fire and stars. A lot of times people ask me about new trends in cooking, like molecular gastronomy, and I say, ‘Just give me some fire and I’ll give you some good food.’ The star references reaching for the stars....Then on my right bicep is a very old school heart with a scroll where you would put a woman’s name. Instead of a woman’s name, however, mine says ‘bacon.'" [Zagat]

ATLANTATom Colicchio is closing his two restaurants—Craft and Craftbar—in Atlanta. [Food & More]