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Panera Finally Comes to NYC; David Waltuck's Pop-Up Dinners

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BROOKLYN—Finger On the Pulse is hosting a private holiday themed dinner with chef Sam Mason. The dinner runs $150 a head but includes canapes and five courses from Mason, wine pairings from Uva's wine guru, Justin Chearno, and cocktails from Frank Cisneros, of Dram and the Drink. Email for resys.

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN—Crain's reports that sandwich chain Panera Bread is opening a branch in Downtown Brooklyn right across from the upcoming Shake Shack. It is the first Panera in Brooklyn, and the chain has yet to penetrate Manhattan. [Crain's]

FIDI— Still hankering for some food from Chanterelle? Chef David Waltuck is serving food from his shuttered restaurant during a set of pop up dinners at The Grill Room. The dinners run $100 excluding drinks. [Paper Mag]

UPPER EAST SIDE—Grub Street learns that a well known collage artist is suing restaurateur Nello Balan for stealing his art. [GS]

MONEY SPENDING—Tis the season to be shopping, and our friends at Eater National are putting together a fancy, flipping 2010 Gift Guide Advent Calendar, where a new holiday gift idea for gastronomes — from the reasonable to the outrageous to the mindblowing must-haves — will pop up daily. Here's to all things merry and bright. [-E-]

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Panera Bread

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