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Welcome to Seasonal's Spinoff Edi & The Wolf, Now Open

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[Krieger, 12/1/10]

Seasonal is a lovely Austrian gem of a restaurant in Midtown. Run by Eduard Frauneder and Wolfgang Ban, it serves refined versions of Viennese staples like shnitzel, kaisergulasch, and spatzle along with some fine Rieslings. To take a break from the upscale nature of their original venture, the pair have now opened Edi & The Wolf. It's a more affordable, more accessible, more rustic still small foil to Seasonal and offers menu items like liptauer, pickled sardines, baby back ribs, and schlutzkrapfen (Austrian raviolis) all the way over on Avenue C. They opened yesterday.

Small Plates
Pickled Vegetable 4
Baby Carrot, Beets, Radish, Turnip
Liptauer & Herb Gervais 5
Farmer’s Cheese flavored with Paprika and Pumpkinseed Oil
Cured Pork Belly 9
Horseradish, Pearl Onions, Quince
Freekah Salad 11
Radish, Beet Salsa
Pickled Sardine 13
Apple, Dill, Walnut
Wine Suggestion
Rotgipferl Selektion 2009 Thallern, Thermenregion 9

Shared Plates:
Alsatian Flatbreads
Cipollini, Chives, Cured Figs 12
With Speck 14

baby back ribs 13
Honey, Beer, Mustard, Pickles

Spätzle 17
Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Cauliflower

Wine Suggestion: Wiener Gemischter Satz Christ 2009, Wien 9

Schnitzel & Co
Wiener Schnitzel Heritage Pig 19
Potato Salad, Cucumber, Lingonberry Jam

Cornish Hen 21
Cabbage, Austrian Crescent Potatoes

Seabass 22
Squash, Sunchokes, Red Chippollini

Slow Poached Farm Egg 14
Hen of the Woods, Arugula, Chanterelles, Bacon

Schlutzkrapfen 18
Austrian Mountain Cheese Ravioli, Delicata Squash,
Pumpkinseed Oil

Win Suggestion
Gruener Veltiner Haarlocke Hajszan, 2008, Wien 9

Cheese Plate (Choice OF 3/6) 12/17
Anton’s Liebe
Fourm D’Ambert
Tome de Savoie

Wine Suggestion: Pinot Noir Stadlmann 2009, Thermenregion 9

Schokolade Nuss Palatschinken 7
Chocolate Nut Pancake, Whipped Cream
Linzer Torte 7
Rasberry, Almond Cake
Daily Dessert 7

Wine Suggestion: Traminer 2008 Rotes Haus, Wien 9

Seasonal Restaurant & Weinbar

132 W 58th Street, New York, NY 10019 212 957 5550 Visit Website

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