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107 Year-Old Carmine's May Live Again at the Seaport

Carmine's at the Seaport, a 107 year-old Italian seafood joint down in FiDi closed in June due to a landlord dispute. Over the last few years, the restaurant has become more of a tourist trap than the regulars gathering place it once was, but still, it was missed. Now DNA Info reports that the restaurant is hoping to make a comeback one block away. They are applying for a liquor license with Community Board 1 this month for the Harbour Cafe space at 29 Peck Slip.

According to a Carmine's bartender they "hope to replicate the appearance and spirit of Carmine’s as we remember it from years and years ago...The question is whether it will still work."
· Famed Carmine’s Restaurant Could Reopen in the Seaport [DNA Info]


29 Peck Slip, New York, NY