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Eddie Huang Cancels All-You-Can-Drink Four Loko Deal

Just days after announcing a Thursday night all-you-can-drink Four Loko deal at his restaurant Xiao Ye, chef/restaurateur Eddie Huang has officially canceled the promotion. The reason? Those killjoys at the Daily News told him it's illegal. As we know, the caffeinated malt liquor beverage has been causing quite a stir with lawmakers lately, but as it turns out, its extreme "blackout in a can" potency is not what made its potential sale at the restaurant illegal. Rather, any "all-you-can-drink" promotion is against the law in New York — Loko, Non-Loko, whatever.

Haung, cited in the NYDN as a 'culinary provocateur,' told the paper: "I don't want to lose my liquor license...This is horrible. I was excited about this." As we know, the restaurant's liquor license is a subject of much discussion between Eddie and his mom following his goose egg review in the Times. For their part, the Daily News did all they could to play up the fear surrounding the drink, quoting Huang as saying "Now I gotta figure out how to give people enough Four Loko so they can get their blackout. People like to black out."
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[photo: Fresh Off the Boat]

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