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Neighbors Rally To Defeat No. 7 Team's Proposal, Part Deux

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Led by Matthew Maddy, the No. 7 team is on the docket at this month's Community Board 2 meeting to apply for a beer and wine license at 168 Elizabeth Street, the same exact space that was unanimously rejected by the board earlier this year for being a restaurant in a beer garden's clothes. At that time, the CB said that the space was not permitted for basement use, did not seem ADA accessible, and seemed to run afoul of both the 500' and 200' rules. Perhaps most importantly, they claimed that Maddy didn't conduct enough community outreach, and the locals presented a 76-person petition against the project that sealed his fate.

Has anything changed? It's hard to know until the meeting tonight, but it does seem like the neighbors' rings have still not been kissed. The above flier has been plastered all over the neighborhood, urging residents to "speak out against a beer garden" and to "say no once and for all to a business that is not in the best interest of our community!!!" It sounds like it should be a cake walk.
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168 Elizabeth St., New York, NY

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