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All Night Permits For New Years Way Down Again

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Applications for All Night permits for New Year's Eve are way down this year, as the SLA has only approved eleven New York City locations so far. The permits allow bars the chance to stay open until 8 AM on New Year's Day instead of the usual 4 AM, and the SLA requires that applicants file before November 16 if they want the permit. This dance happens every year, with bar owners not paying attention and then the SLA being forced to extend the deadline. But the SLA is taking a firm stance this year and promises to reject any late applications, with a rep saying, "the process isn't rocket science." They are right about that one, but it's not that big of a deal.

This is just a continuation of a trend that has been developing for several years, as club owners have come to realize that staying open past 4 AM on New Year's just isn't worth the headache. Does anything really great happen that late? Of course not. New Year's in New York just isn't what it used to be, as the more prominent promoters bring their game to Miami and some club owners focus on opening new ventures in other cities. Finally, New Year's is the all time Worst Night of the Year, so let's be happy that everyone is trying to treat it like just another night.
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