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Eater Awards 2010 Gala Celebration at Public in Nolita

Big winners Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone of Torrisi Italian Specialties took home NYC Restaurant of the Year and National Restaurant of the Year. The awards will look at home on the stocked shelves at Torrisi.
Big winners Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone of Torrisi Italian Specialties took home NYC Restaurant of the Year and National Restaurant of the Year. The awards will look at home on the stocked shelves at Torrisi.

[Photographs by Daniel Krieger, except where otherwise noted]

And so it came to pass that last evening, at the restaurant Public in the Nolita district of New York City, Team Eater joined its friends and acquaintances from the restaurant and nightlife industries to toast the nominees and winners of the Eater Awards 2010, presented by GREY GOOSE. On the upper level, restaurant ops squads from Convivio, Momofuku Milk Bar, Portland's Pok Pok and Public cooked and served astounding foodstuffs; on the lower bar level, The John Dory, Prime Meats, and the Forever Cheese teams did the same. On a nearby wall, party-goers perused the Eater Awards winners, emblazoned onto custom 35-ounce cans of Eater Awards-brand Italian Peeled Tomatoes. Throughout the night, the winners scooped up their cans; it can now be confirmed, to no one's surprise, that Eric Ripert still looks dapper as all get-out even when holding aloft a tomato can.

Peruse the party pictures in our gallery above, or, for even more variety, hop on over to Metromix and Guest of a Guest, which both sent their own photographers to document the mayhem.

· Michael White, whose Convivio team served amazing testa to the throngs, arrived to bask in the glow of his three awards. Later, much later, his partner Chris Cannon would wrestle away the Empire Builders of the Year award he shared with White, explaining, "He's got enough of these things." Cannon also took down the unofficial Eater Award for most sartorially superior party-goer.

· The night's big winners, Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi, arrived after service at their nearby restaurant, Torrisi Italian Specialties. (Anecdote: An FCI student working the event was at Torrisi having dinner earlier in the night, when the staff interrupted service to let everyone know that they'd just won best restaurant of the year, earning a standing ovation from the diners.) Carbone and GM Nicole Katz said they were in awe of winning two awards, and acknowledged that the shelves holding the Eater Awards cans was, indeed, Torrisi-esque.

· The always classy silver fox Eric Ripert found out about his Eater Award for TV Personality of the Year during a party at the Ace Hotel for his Avec Eric show. Ripert rolled down to Public, where he pretty much had a receiving line from the get-go. The gentleman was visibly excited to find out there were actual tomatoes inside his Eater Award, joking that they would be his dinner that night—and then promising on Twitter to offer a suitable recipe.

· Plenty of chefs from outside the New York City orbit showed up to share in the fun. The elite club of folks who got to carry home multiple cans of tomatoes included Matt Lightner of Portland Restaurant of the Year Castagna, who posted with Castagna's prize and his own PDX Chef of the Year tomato tin. Food & Wine wonderwoman Kate Krader took time out from cavorting with the Momofuku Milk team to call Lightner "my little brother."

· Has the Momofuku empire finally made peace with vegetarians? The unveiling of a veggie bun to accompany the pork buns seemed to indicate as much. The veggie bun's secret ingredient? Pork.

· Upper West Side chef extraordinaire Bill Telepan was overheard giving turkey tips. 'Tis the season. Other restaurant-world folks in the crowd: Little Wisco kingpin Gabriel Stulman; Pat LaFrieda meat man Mark Pastore; and the one, the only, Anne Burrell. (Approximate number of times the classic Anne Burrell joke, "Hey, It's Guy Fieri" was heard: 7.)

· Come to think of it, a question, Mark Pastore. The tinted glasses at 10pm in Nolita. Really necessary?

· Zach Chodorow (son of Jeffrey) accepted the Spectacle of the Year award on behalf of Josh Ozersky. The award, you see, honored Ozersky's Wedding, which went down at one of Chodorow's properties. Fair deal, yes? Yes.

· A gracious Joe Bastianich made an appearance even though Del Posto lost out the NYC Restaurant of the Year award. His team at Del Posto did scoop an award for Video Interlude of the Year, however, though Bastianich forgot to scoop the award himself. Check your mail, Joe.

· Eleven Madison Park GM Will Guidara, looking as calm and collected as ever, explained to party-goers that if EMP had to lose out to someone, he's glad they lost out to Torrisi. EMP chef Daniel Humm is a huge fan of the Nolita boys' program.

· A number of attendees asked to take home Kenmare's Shitshow of the Year award. No dice, friends. That's going in the Eater trophy case, assuming the messenger delivery to Kenmare is rejected.

· The folks from So Hot Right Now nominee M. Wells in Queens chatted about introducing both deep dish pizzas and foie gras tamales to the menu.

· Dovetail's John Fraser and emerging Thai food rockstar Harold Dieterle showed up just as the party was winding down. Such are the perils of working chefs.

· Another last-minute arrival: Miami chef Timon Balloo of multiple-Eater Award winner SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill. When an Eater operative pointed out that he couldn't just take the awards, he pointed out that he won them. Ah, yes then. Carry on.

· Those still standing at midnight made their way west along Houston Street to the official afterparty at Burger & Barrel. Chef Josh Capon served up alcohol-soaking nibbles, while Eater Intern extraordinaire Zach sampled from his bespoke line of bitters, Bitters, Old Men.

Thanks to all who came, played, and triumphed.
· The Eater Awards 2010 Winners, from Coast to Coast [Eater National]


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