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The Sad Tale Of The Wandering Pink Elephant

Weep for the poor Pink Elephant, the fun loving pachyderm that used to love to throw Euro filled dance parties, but no longer has a place to hang with all of his friends. This week was another set back for the club, as its bid to take over the now closed M2/Mansion mega space on 28th Street was denied by the Community Board. It's just another chapter in the club's multi-year tale of woe.
· August, 2008: Pink Elephant is named in a bankruptcy filing involving its landlord on 27th Street.
· December, 2008: Pink Elephant is stung by a series of high profile staff departures.
· September, 2009: M2 owner Joey Morrisey teams with Rocco Ancarola and pushes out the original Pink Elephant owners David Sarner and Bobby Malta.

· December, 2009: The various owners of the nightclub sue each other for the rights to the Pink Elephant brand name. David Sarner and Bobby Montwaid are victorious over Joey Morrisey, who abandons that name and uses all of his brain power to re-brands the old Pink Elephant as Pink.
· February, 2010: Pink Elephant announces that it will be relocating to the former Room Service space and is even approved for a liquor license by the Community Board.
· April, 2010: After the City shut down Pink and M2 for smoking and drug infractions, the SLA revokes the clubs liquor licenses. The spaces never re-open.
· September 2010: With the opening months behind schedule, rumors begin to surface that a strip club and steak house will be going into Pink's planned relocation space.
· November, 2010: Having abandoned its 21st Street dreams, Pink Elephant makes a play for its old space but is rejected by the Community Board.

We weep for you Pinky, and wish you nothing but good fortune.
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Pink Elephant

530 W. 28th St, New York, NY