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Albert Trummer's Fire Show Helped Lure Apotheke Investors

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There's an interesting wrinkle to the ongoing legal battle between Albert Trummer and his Apotheke partners over the Trummer's fire loving bar antics. Way back in December, 2007, Apotheke co-owner Heather Tierney was trying to get this project off the ground and invited potential investors to Norwood to try some of Trummer's signature cocktails, promising that "he will leave you dazzled by his flaming absinthe show." In fact, we were there and (poorly) photographed Trummer carefully stacking the glasses, pouring the absinthe and watched as he set the whole thing ablaze. The show was pretty boring and the drinks really weren't that great, but it seemed like the crowd was impressed.

Nine months later Tierney was inviting people "for a cocktail or at least a shot of flaming absinthe" at Apotheke's opening. The place quickly took off, for a large part due to Trummer's bar antics. One assumes that Tierney and the other partners got very sick of the fire act after a year or two, and especially when the FDNY shut them down for the practice this past summer.

For his part, Trummer isn't talking, only saying, "it is disappointing that Ms. Tierney is choosing to file a frivolous lawsuit with no merit. I have no further comment at this time and look forward to the truth prevailing in court." Maybe these crazy kids can look at these pictures and remember the good old days of their partnership, figure out a way to hash out their differences, and move on. Maybe.
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