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By The Way, How Cool Was Keith McNally in 1981?

Cool cats hanging in Tribeca via TT

Keith McNally circa 1981 outside of his new Tribeca restaurant The Odeon? Or Michael J. Fox while filming Back to the Future? Who knows?

The above picture is included in a wonderful and lengthy piece in the Tribeca Trib about Towers Cafeteria—a neighborhood joint that launched in 1933, was a hub for blue collar workers, and closed as its clientele moved out and were replaced by artists—and its successor The Odeon. It is very much worth a read.
· A Look Back at the Odeon and Classic Cafeteria it Replaced [Tribeca Trib]

The Odeon

145 West Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 233-0507 Visit Website

The Odeon

145 West Broadway, New York, NY