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Cash Only Policy Leads to Brawl at Arthur's Tavern

Three Dutch Embassy workers and a friend were arrested on Sunday after the group tried to walk out on a $315 tab at Grove Street's Arthur's Tavern and then brawled with the four policemen who were called to the scene. They would have paid, they swear, but Arthur's Tavern is cash only, and they just didn't have the scratch.

According to their report, their jazz bar waitress took a swing at them when she found they didn't have the money, then chased them on to the street. And according to police, the two men in the group chipped one officer's tooth and broke the finger of another. But don't worry: a look at the Post's picture of one of the Dutchmen shows the police got some punches in as well.

Those pesky cash only policies.
· What embass-iles! [NYP]
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Arthur's Tavern

57 Grove St., New York, NY