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Not Looking Good for Mason Dixon and its Mechanical Bull (With Update)

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Kalina, 11/11/07

Update: Owner Rob Shamlian says the rumors of the bar's demise are untrue. How they ended up on the docket or who these people at the Essex Market are—a mystery. Shamlian tells Eater that a third party must have contacted the community board, not the bar's owners. Also: phew.


It may be time to pour one out for Mason Dixon, the three year-old Lower East Side bar, the pioneer that brought mechanical bull riding to Hell Square, the sister to brethren Fat Baby and Spitzer's Corner. The bar is on Community Board 3's December agenda for a full liquor license transfer, and according to Bowery Boogie, its replacement is already raring to go. They spotted the potential new owners asking passersby at the Essex Street Market to sign a petition of support for their new concept and said they plan to offer "a varied selection of comfort food – sandwiches, burgers, Korean tacos – in a 'relaxed' environment." But of course they still want the full liquor.

Regardless of what happens the 133 Essex residents must be happy. Just over a year ago, they were embroiled in a lawsuit with the bar's owner, LES Booze Mayor Rob Shamlian. They also fought him tooth and nail back in '07—claiming his petition signatures were faked—and again last year when he was up for renewal.

Mechanical bull lovers, get to it while you can. Or may we direct you to the L train for Viva El Toro or the F train for Johnny Utah's?
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Mason Dixon

133 Essex St., New York, NY