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NYC Chef Fashion Forecast: Hot Looks From Hot Cooks

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There’s a lot of great work being done in the city’s kitchens these days, and we’re not talking about food here. Perhaps emboldened by trend pieces about how they are the new celebrities/rock stars, NYC chefs have started taking risks where fashion is concerned — and it’s paying off big time. Here’s a rundown of a few hot looks from a few hot cooks:

Chunky Frames:
[Del Posto’s Mark Ladner, Porsena’s Sebastian Jaramillo, Riverpark’s Sisha Ortuzar, The Meatball Shop’s Daniel Holzman]

Several NYC chefs have made the bold choice of wearing chunky, thick glasses, like the ones found on sitcom nerds or indie rock drummers. And guess what? We’re loving it. Hey four eyes: you’re fierce!

The Flat Cap:
[Locanda Verde’s Andrew Carmellini, Mile End’s Noah Bernamoff, Artichoke’s Francis Garcia, Stanton Social’s Chris Santos]

The retro-throwback newsie cap is a great accessory for chefs because they can wear it inside and outside the kitchen. It’s a simple look, one that gives off a touch of urban cool, while also screaming “The Godfather Part II is my favorite of the trilogy!”

The Young Republican:
[EMP’s Daniel Humm, Osteria Morini’s Michael White, Momofuku’s David Chang, Craft’s Tom Colicchio]

Even bad boy chefs want to look nice sometimes. And what better way to clean up for that TV cooking demo or magazine cover shoot than with this classic look, inspired by the bright young minds of the Grand Ole Party? All you really need to pull it off is blue oxford shirt — no tie necessary.

The Last Waltz:
[Marc Forgione of Restaurant Marc Forgione, Frankies Spuntino’s Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo, M. Wells’s Hugue Dufour, Fatty Crab’s Zak Pelaccio]

Many of the city’s coolest cooks have been taking stylistic nods from legendary folk-rock quintet The Band. Some choose the closely tailored three-piece suits of multi-instrumentalist Richard Manuel, others pick the trucker hat and five-day stubble of drummer/vocalist Levon Helm, and more than a few rock the mountain man beard and long, flowing mane of organ virtuoso Garth Hudson.

Special Jury Prize:
[Marcus Samuelsson: grey suit, camel suit , tuxedo, winter coat]

Even if his restaurant doesn't open this year (or next?) Marcus Samuelsson is a true trailblazer in the world of chef fashion. There is literally no style the man can't pull off! Boardroom, street wear, 007, urban lumberjack — you name it, Marcus is killing it. Maybe he should start his own brand?