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Daniel Boulud's Newest to be Called Boulud Sud

In an Eaterrogation today with Eater National's Joshua David Stein, Daniel Boulud reveals that the name of his new grill-themed Upper West Side restaurant, the one just up the block from Bar Boulud, will be called Boulud Sud. The casual takeaway marketplace attached will either be called Epicerie Boulud or Comptoir Boulud. He explains, "It's more of a Mediterranean grill. I'm more influenced in the influence from the whole entire coast from Spain to North Africa to Turkey, Greece and coming back to Italy. At Epicerie Boulud we are going to have a patisserie, viennoiserie in the morning. It is going to be an all day dining/buying place."

He also talks about the difference between French and Japanese chefs (the Japanese always know their stuff), the possibility of a French version of Eataly, how technology can make restaurateurs paranoid, and what it takes to get fired as a chef at DBGB.
· Daniel Boulud on the Bocuse D'Or, His New Restaurant, and Thieving Cooks [Eater National]

Boulud Sud

20 West 64th Street, Manhattan, NY 10023 (212) 595-1313 Visit Website

Boulud Sud

64th & Broadway, New York, NY

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