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Coney Island Tenants Won't Go Down Without a Fight

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In an email with a link to this petition, a rep for the Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights writes, "If you give two shits about C.I.'s past, present or future...sign the petition...I am not saying Ruby's or any of the establishments are the be-all-end-ll of C.I., but there must be a discussion, not a corporate take over."

And that's not the only resistance being formed against this week's sudden string of Coney Island boardwalk evictions. Grub Street reports that the owners of many of the establishments that were given two weeks to pack up and move out, including Cha Cha's, Ruby's, Shoot the Freak, the Grill House, and Gregory & Paul’s, are meeting with a lawyer today to find a way to fight the owners of Luna Park. Meanwhile, Ruby's will open on November 6 for a final farewell/rally to save the place.
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[Photo: Flickr/Julie Wilson World]

Ruby's Bar & Grill

1213 Riegelmanns Boardwalk, Brooklyn, NY 11224 Visit Website


1213 Riegelmann Boardwalk, NY