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Avenue Offers Mystery Perks For Platinum VIP's On New Year's

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New Year's Eve in New York may not cost as much or go as late as it used to, but that doesn't mean that there aren't enough rip-offs being offered by promoters to maintain its ranking as the Worst Night To Go Out In New York. For example, this year's super hot party at the super cool Meatpacking District nightclub Avenue is offering three levels of tickets to those who want to penetrate its narrow halls. While the poors can buy a $175 general admission ticket for the privilege of standing up all night and an Ultra VIP can drop $250 to get a table and some special treatment, a platinum baller can buy Platinum VIP tickets for $295 and really ring in 2011 in style.

The only difference between the Ultra VIP and Platinum VIP package appears to be the price. According to the promoter's website, both tickets come with the same perks, which include a table, bottles, mixers, and priority admission, which will probably be a shorter line of ticket holders standing in the cold and shaking their printed confirmations while screaming "but I paid for Platinum VIP"! That seems worth the extra $45.

It's scams like these that should serve as a reminder that Year's isn't really for people that actually live in New York. It isn't even for Avenue's owners, who will be ringing in the new year at the opening of the new Marquee in Las Vegas. So as you finalize your plans for the big night, please keep your eyes peeled for platinum offers that will make you feel like a platinum idiot the next morning.
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UPDATE: Joonbug contacted Eater to say that the price difference reflects "the number of bottles the customer receives per package" and that Joonbug's "packages are based on giving our customer the best New Year's Eve experience they can possibly have, while giving them options to best suit the size of their party. We offer a unique service as well to guarantee that groups are seated with members of their party with no hassle at the door."


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