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Sam Hazen to Open a Revamped, Cheaper Veritas Tomorrow

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A few months after employees were locked out of pricey wine-centric Flatiron restaurant Veritas at the end of the summer, word came that it would reopen in November as a more affordable restaurant helmed by Tao's Sam Hazen. And indeed it will. Flo Fab reports that the restaurant will reopen tomorrow with an a la carte menu taking the place of the former $92 prix fixe.

Of course, this still isn't budget dining—you'll be paying $32 for an entree of scallops, $27 for roast chicken—but a conscious effort has been made to offer a more flexible and affordable dining experience, both in terms of food and wine. The restaurant looks much as it did in its previous iteration, as it did earlier this year, a separate bar menu will be available for the front room. Early diners, send all reviews this way.
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