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2010's Dining Trends Wrapped up in One Tribeca Restaurant

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What happens when you take all of the dining trends of 2010 and roll them all into one restaurant? By the looks of the New York listing in this week's magazine, you get Compose, a new restaurant from the owner of Tribeca coffee shop RBC NYC, opening this Friday. The components:

1) The main theme of the place: limited high end counter dining in front of a chef a la Momofuku Ko, Brooklyn Fare, or even Degustation (as it so happens, the chef Nick Curtin is an alum of Degustation's sister restaurant Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar.) It seats 10 people a night at $100 - 150 a head.

2) The rest of the 20 seats in the restaurant are open, via phone or email, to the public on the day of service. There, they will serve $15 "dialogue based cocktails."

3) Said cocktails will come with hand carved ice brought in from Queens.

4) Three words: iPad wine list.

5) Coffee "can be made by siphon, Chemex, or pour-over." Update: Folks at the restaurant tell Eater the coffee will just be Chemex.

All that's missing is a rooftop garden. And perhaps a grocery/deli element during the day. Still, sounds exciting! Better get in before those Michelin guys have a crack at it.
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77 Worth St., New York, NY

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