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Taim Mobile Hits the Road; Whole Foods Gowanus Back on

Rendering via Crain's.

MEALS ON WHEELS—After a soft launch this weekend, Taim Mobile, the truck incarnation of Einat Admony's West Village falafel stand, is ready to hit the streets of Midtown tomorrow. The Feast has a new video of Admony showing off the recipes she'll carry over to the new project. [@taimmobile, The Feast]

GLOCAL—The lobsters at Thomas Keller's restaurants come from Maine, because, as he puts it, they are "extraordinary lobsters." Sure, he's worried about the emissions involved in shipping that far, but says there has to be a balance: "When I started thinking about local, local wasn't about geographical proximity. Local was about the quality of the product." [CNN via Eater National]

GOWANUS—Fives years after the project was first proposed, the first Brooklyn Whole Foods has been officially approved for Gowanus. They decided the site wasn't (too) toxic after all! The 52,000 grocery store will have a greenhouse on the roof, of course, a 40 foot public esplanade, and 250 parking spaces. [Brownstoner]

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