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District 36 Owner To Doorman: You're Fired

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In a move that would make the Donald proud, District 36 owner Damien Distasio has brought the hammer down on the staff members who helped make the club's grand opening such a shit show. Distasio tells Blackbook that he agreed with his patrons sentiments, saying he is:

absolutely furious at how the door was run. It was a complete fucking disaster. I had built this place with the vision that it is and always will be a dance club. The door was an absolute disgrace, and the doorman has been fired, the bottle service girl has been fired, and the security personnel will be completely restructured with all new personnel.
He also fired the person who recommended the door person to him. Now that's action! On the plus side, Distasio was pleased with how things went inside the club, and promises improvements in time for this weekend.
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District 36

29 W. 36th St, New York, NY

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