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Get To Know The Seven Coolest Nightlife People In New York

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The New York nightlife landscape changes so quickly that it's almost impossible to keep up with the latest openings, parties, and more importantly, the people behind the openings and parties. Lucky for all of us, we have the Sunday Styles section to keep us in the loop. Now we know that "the meatpacking district is a tangle of new velvet ropes. D.J.’s are trekking to the nether reaches of Bushwick. The Lower East Side has spilled over into Chinatown." DJ's in Brooklyn? Velvet ropes in the MePa? The LES oozing into Chinatown? Not Chinatown! Who is behind this madness?

So it turns out the coolest people on planet Earth are mostly thirty somethings who own multiple bars and restaurants (Matt Abramcyk, Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte), a DJ who spins at bottle service parties (Mia Moretti), a Brooklyn loft party organizer who wants to throw an Eyes Wide Shut style New Year's party for $250 a person that can only be attended by people that answer "a series of cryptic questions that will be judged solely by me and my own cryptic — entropic" (William Entundi), and the publishers of Gayletter (Tom Jackson and Ebi Benitez), who we hate since they won our Paper nightlife award. But how can you tell they are really as cool as the article makes them out to be? Well, first, just look at them. So awesome. There is no second.

We're sure their parents are proud of their being labeled the new Club Kids, since all of those original ones turned out so great. The truly strange part of the piece is that most of these new scenesters have been involved with nightlife for years! It's also strange that these people who strive to operate and work in such exclusive venues (the Jane, the Bunker etc.) with only the coolest of people would basically put up a giant billboard to help attract plebes to the coolest parties in the galaxy. But that's on them. So congrats to Matt, Matt, Carlos, Mia, Bill, Ralph Malph and Potsy. When you see them, it's now required to genuflect, unless you want to be banned from the scene forever.
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