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Forgione Defeats Canora to Becomes the Next Iron Chef

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In the season finale of the Next Iron Chef, Marc Forgione defeated Marco Canora in the "Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast." The challenge — a normal Iron Chef-style battle in Kitchen Stadium — was to honor the "classic American culinary tradition." The secret ingredients: White Peking duck (that needed to be plucked), heritage turkeys, Maine lobster, and venison.

Canora took the challenge literally, which meant turkey and cranberry sauce: "clean, simple, pure," he said. Forgione made the bold step of going non-traditional and ignoring the turkey, citing history and rationalizing that "at the first Thanksgiving, there was no turkey served to the Native Americans or to the settlers."

Said Canora, "I think not serving turkey would be a slap in the face of honor and tradition." You know what else they didn't have in the 1600s? Blowtorches to burn wood chips. Or ice cream machines powered by electricity. Which Forgione gladly used. No matter, this is all minor historical nitpicking! The judges clearly preferred Forgione's Thanksgiving feast.

The videos of all the dishes and the decision. >>>

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