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District 36 Opening Fails to Wow Hardcore Househeads

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District 36, the new dance music venue that promised to revive the tradition of classic New York dance clubs, finally was ready to open after several false starts. Unfortunately for those who were looking forward to the big day, it seems that the club could have benefitted from a few more practice runs. A tipster who attended the opening reports that it was a shitshow from the beginning, venting:

wasnt this club supposed to be 'about the music'?? Didn't seem that way as the 'door girl' was only interested in letting you in if you wanted to buy a bottle. Ticketed patrons began being turned away 1 hour after opening and the staff looks like the understudies for the cast of the Sopranos. the sound is great, but anyone who bought the bullshit press releases of 'bringing back the old vibe' and 'all about the house music' and 'no bottle service' is a sucker. In short this club makes Pacha look underground.
At least the sound was great! But maybe that was just one unhappy customer. Let's see what everyone else is saying.

Some patrons who had pre-purchased and drove four hours to attend the party were not allowed inside. Another opening night patron took to Rythmism to vent, saying:

I didn't mind the yelling pushing people around bouncers that were trying to claim the street property of NYC as their own. But what I did not appreciate was that I was yelled at (twice) when I tried to politely asked about the names on check the list to get into the club.

Anyways after 2 hrs wait we finally got in front (first in line at 11:55pm - want to remind you again there was maybe 40-50 people in front of us when we got there at 10). Just to find out that we are not be able to talk to the girl with the flawless list as she was "too busy" running around and looking scary. We did talk to the other hostess, and did receive 4 tickets which I though would be comp admission and we would be ready to start a proper night. So after we got heavily pat down (thanks TSA) inside before we head downstairs. Just to find out that the comp tickets are now drink tickets and we are asked to pay $40 each to get in..... Which I'm sorry but on the opening night to ask for that kind of money is absolutely absurd.

The Twitters seem to agree. Not good news for a club that is already unpopular with animal lovers to alienate the house music fans it wants to attract. Let's see if they do any better this Friday for Timo Maas.
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District 36

29 W. 36th St., New York, NY

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