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Blogger-Obsession Smashburger Headed to NYC Next Year

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Today the Times confirms the rumors that Smashburger, a Denver-based chain, is getting ready to open up three locations in Brooklyn sometime next year. The franchise, which has already cut a swath through much of the Midwest, specializes in thin, griddled-to-order patties with premium fixins like fried pickles and garlic-sauteed mushrooms. The closest the chain has ever come to NYC are a handful of locations in New Jersey.

Part of the appeal of The Smashburger is that the meat is pressed with a heavy, metal stamp when it hits the grill so that it gets those crunchy edges that burger-geeks are always freaking out about. Josh Ozersky was pleased with the goods when he dropped by a new location in Montclair, NJ last spring, A Hamburger Today also declared it “smashingly good." The company's motto of "Every City's Favorite Burger," will be a tough claim to back up in NYC, where hamburger allegiances run deep. There's still no word yet on when the chain will touchdown next year, or where in Brooklyn, exactly. A quarter pound burger with standard fixins and "smash sauce" is $4.99.
· Smashburger Is Coming to Town [NYT]

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