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Secret Underground Boxing Parties Attract Hipsters, NYPD

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Somehow not included in this weekend's round up of New York's coolest nightlifers were the organizers of The Underground Boxing Event, a party that happens to feature a live boxing match in an empty Lower East Side loft. According to reports, about 1000 people paid $15 a pop to watch some skinny dudes throw blows for a few minutes, while a DJ "riles up onlookers by mixing snippets of pop records a la Girl Talk". The parties have been going on for a few months now (you can watch the March "bout" here) but this weekend's affair was busted up by the NYPD at 1:30 AM. Even if this somehow sounds like fun to you, the party is very private, and requires an email invite followed by sending a text message the day of to receive the address. Sorry. But lucky for you, we found a stop motion video of the main event.

Check out pictures of the event here, here, and here.
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Underground Boxing Party

72 Allen St., New York, NY