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Dummies, Migrants, Jerks, and Alcoholics Make Your Dinner

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In an excellent edition of Eatocracy's 5@5 feature, executive chef at Brooklyn's Stone Park Cafe Josh Grinker reveals five secrets of the restaurant industry. One is that restaurant food is doused in butter and salt—no surprises here. Another is that most great chefs are not in the kitchen. But it get entertaining when he starts talking about who exactly is making your food. Not a surprise, but an amusing read:

Your food was cooked by minions. Well, not quite - but migrant workers, would-be criminals and mindless idiots? Yes, most definitely...Restaurants, to be successful, must get the most skilled laborers possible and pay them as little as possible. That means lots of immigrants. And if you think they’re all legal and paid handsomely for their six-day weeks, well, just enjoy your soup. The other major demographic working the skilled restaurant job are dumb blue-collar kids who have been lured by the chance of stardom, sort of like playing the lottery. Oh yeah, there’s one group I forgot: alcoholics.
Click through to read about how all chefs are jerks.
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Stone Park Cafe

324 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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