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Health Inspector Drops in for Boulud's $1000/Head Dinner

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Last night Daniel Boulud held an annual $1,000 a head fall game dinner as a fundraiser for the upcoming competition of Bocuse d'Or. He, chef Gavin Kaysen, and Ariane Daguin, the founder of D'Artagnan, served up woodpigeon and chestnut ballotine, Juniper scented grouse pâté, and a whole foret of game. And Josh Stein was there to mingle with the upmarket crowd, play Daguin's trivia games, and witness an impressive Thanksgiving-themed auction.

Of course, it wasn't a fun night for everyone. The typically smooth as butter Boulud appeared slightly stressed as he revealed at the beginning of dinner that a city Health Inspector was on the premises to discern the restaurant's letter grade. It took the chef away from most of the festivities, as the DOH goon stayed all dinner long. As Stein notes, "..a night when Daguin brings a sackful of dead pheasant is not the best night for a restaurant inspection."
· Love, Loss, and Inspection at the Daniel Game Dinner [Eater National]


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