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Inside Weather Up Tribeca, Opening Any Day Now

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[Krieger, 11/11/10]

As soon as the liquor license arrives—which is in the mail, they hear, and will come any day now, swear— Weather Up Tribeca, the new Manhattan offshoot of the original Weather Up in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, will open to the public. And it will probably be awesome.

Co-owner Kathryn Weatherup tells Eater that she's planning a menu with seven cocktails—six standards plus a bartender's choice called 'Keep Calm and Carry On'—six wines, beers on tap, and a list of six to eight grower only champagnes. Three cocktails will come from the original bar, while the remaining three are completely new. And for those who come in the early evenings, they'll have a separate Manhattan and Martini list for the oyster service.

But not only oysters. The brief bar menu offers four main items: caviar, oysters, broccoli, and chips. Chef Tyler Kord explains over the phone that his caviar service will involve large platters with one ounce tins of caviar (choices include everything from trout roe to the super expensive stuff), toast, creme fraiche, pickled lychees, and some whole prawns. He adds, "We shouldn't just leave caviar for the Upper East Siders, we should have some too. That being said it's expensive as hell. So I make a big plate of all that other stuff so that a few people can split a plate, it's affordable, and they get real food in their stomachs."

Broccoli makes an appearance because Kord is obsessed with the vegetable at the moment, and he'll serve a broccoli rillete with lentils, toast, crab meat, radishes, and creme fraiche. Then of course oysters. And the chips are on the menu in lieu of fries because he wanted something greasy and crunchy but realized they wouldn't have the capabilities to do on the spot frying.

In sum, he says, "This place is about the cocktails so I wanted to do something unobtrusive, but awesome." Stay tuned for more when it makes its official debut.