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A Bourbon At...The Spotted Pig

There’ s not much to say about the Spotted Pig that hasn’t already been said?twice. The Spotted Pig, the
gastropub that started it all, is situated on a charming street corner in the far West Village. Wait times
during prime time (and pretty much any time) can hover around 1-2 hours. How you pass the time is up to
you, but might we suggest sipping one of the Spotted Pig’ s excellent bourbons. Savor, enjoy, repeat. Your
table will be ready all too soon.

A Bourbon At?is sponsored by our friends at Basil Hayden’s Bourbon. Basil Hayden’s is handcrafted, light-bodied and aged longer with twice as much rye to produce an incredibly approachable, sophisticated and luxurious bourbon. It’s spicy. Unexpected. And full of potential. Just like your plans tonight.

The bourbon list at the Spotted Pig emphasizes quality over quantity and matches up perfectly to the April
Bloomfield-curated menu. One of the best in a city of many burgers, the Spotted Pig’ s arrives on the table
cooked to a perfect medium rare with a thick and creamy Roquefort cheese and topped with a nest of sage
accented shoe-string fries. The acidity of bourbon helps cut through the richness of this burger like a hot
knife through butter.

It doesn’ t get much better than the burger at the Spotted Pig and a nice glass of bourbon.

The Spotted Pig

314 West 11th Street, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 620-0393 Visit Website

The Spotted Pig

314 W 11th St., New York, NY 10014

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