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Bridge and Tunnel Nightlife Developments In Every Direction

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Just as New York and New Jersey's powers that be negotiate to make it easier to bring the B&T crowd directly into Manhattan's far west side via an extension of the #7 subway, a businessman wants to try and keep Long Island's nightlife lovers from ever leaving the Island. Tonight, Steven Carl will unveil Long Island's most exclusive boutique hotspot Lounge 1600 by inviting 500 of Long Island’s top CEOs, socialites and celebrities , who will join together for Long Island’s largest celebration. And it will all go down directly off of the LIE in beautiful Plainview! Wow! So while the new subway still tries to get going, at least you know your precious Manhattan boites will be short 500 Long Islanders tonight.
· Lounge 1600 [Official Site]
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Lounge 1600

1600 Round Swamp Rd, Plainview, NY

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