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Brooklyneer to be More Obnoxious Than Previously Thought

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The Brooklyneer, the downtown restaurant that is bringing all the artisanal wonders of Brooklyn to the Manhattanites who don't want to take an F or an L train opened on Monday, and British owner Neena Dutta promised the restaurant wouldn't just be "Brooklyn in a bottle."

But that doesn't mean their menu isn't going to have a wonderfully helpful map and key!

Each sandwich and slider is named after a different Brooklyn neighborhood—Flatbush is jerk chicken, Carroll Gardens is a meatball sub—and helpful icons like pigs, pies, chickens, and radishes show diners which foodstuff is from which part of the map. Also, a blurb at the bottom explains the mission, "Our goal is to bring Manhattan the newly emerging food & drink artisans from where else but Brooklyn." Hey the concept worked for Borough Food & Drink right?

Click through the gallery to read more. Not pictured: a mural of the Brooklyn Bridge that adorns one of the walls.
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The Brooklyneer

220 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10014 (646) 692-4911 Visit Website