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Flex Mussels and Top Chef Dessert Alum to Open Donut Shop

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In an recent interview Zac Young, the Top Chef Just Desserts cheftestant and potential fan favorite that was recently kicked off the show revealed some interesting future plans. He tells Dessert Buzz that he's opening a donut shop with the owners of Flex Mussels, the seafood restaurant with locations on the Upper East Side and downtown where he has worked since before the show.
· Top Chef: Just Desserts Zac Young to open new “Donut Shop” soon, wouldn’t mind winning fan favorite on his birthday [DessertBuzz]

Flex Mussels - West Village

154 West 13th Street, New York, New York 10011 (212) 229-0222 Visit Website

Flex Mussels

154 West 13th St., New York, NY