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Superdive Replacement Will Have a Smell Machine

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Tonight, new operators who want to move into the old Superdive space will go before Community Board 3's SLA Licensing Committee. Last week, they met with neighbors to try to scare up some support before the big hearing. The following was revealed: the owners have never run a restaurant with a liquor license before but they do own 40+ sushi bars in supermarkets around the city and Long Island; they don't have a menu, prices or chef; they want to build a brand and expand it to the west coast.

Also this: "They want to create a 'destination restaurant' that involves all the senses. They will have several large video screens in the back room lounge, with couches and maybe a smell machine." Just maybe a smell machine. If we're lucky.
· The possible future of 200 Avenue A: A destination restaurant 'that involves all the senses' [EVG]

Awesome New Destination Restaurant

200 Avenue A, New York, NY

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