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La Goulue Alum's Lyon Now Open in Old Cafe Bruxelles Space

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[Krieger, 11/11/10]

Lyon Bouchon Moderne, the new 85-seat restaurant in the old Cafe Bruxelles space is open to the public. Francois Latapie, the former owner of La Goulue uptown, opened this restaurant to introduce diners to modern Lyonnais cuisine and promises to serve a menu "unlike anything else in the New York City culinary scope." Big words! He and his chef, BLT Prime alum Chris Leahy are serving items like beef brisket and onion soup with marrow jam, escargots and sausage risotto, and lamb shank with white bean stew and merguez sausage. Of course the menu is "seasonal," the ingredients "local," and the bar serves "specialty cocktails."

The restaurant design comes from Roman & Williams, the firm known for its work at the Ace Hotel and The Breslin. The space is divided into a bar, a cafe, and a dining room. Look out for antique chairs, original copies of Michelin Guide road maps, and vintage French cartoons.

Lyon Bouchon Moderne

118 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10011

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