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Carmellini Cashes In with a Second Airport Restaurant

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Back in August, news broke that Andrew Carmellini, along with a cadre of other star chefs, would be opening a restaurant concept in the revamped Delta Terminal in LaGuardia. Called Minnow, the restaurant is scheduled to open sometime next year, hopefully after his NYC restaurant The Dutch.

But Carmellini has heard the irresistible siren call of the airport food court and he wants more. So he's opening a concept in JFK's Delta Terminal called Croque Madame. Alongside Jason Denton's new Bar Brace, it is meant to revolutionize airport dining. How? With IPADS. Terminals 2 and 3 will be outfitted with 200 iPads that passengers can use at the gate while waiting to board. After ordering, food from one of the restaurants (Carms is in 2, Denton in 3) is promised to arrive within 10 minutes. These concepts launch this Friday.
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[Photo: iCrave via Crain's]

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