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1534, Good Beer NY, Financier, and More Certified Open

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1) Soho: Per a release, 1534, a cocktail den whose drinks are inspired by French colonization is ready to serve its exotic fare underneath neighborhood standby Jacques. It replaces La Cave des Fondues, that fondue restaurant where people drank wine out of baby bottles. Status: Certified Open; 20 Prince St., 212-966-5073

2) East Village: EV Grieve brings word of Good Beer NYC, a craft beer store that also offers charcuterie and cheeses. They're selling a wide selection of both draft and bottled brews. Status: Certified Open; 422 East 9th St, 212-677-4836

3) Midtown East: Midtown Lunch notes that an outpost of Financier Patisserie has opened. Somehow this one opened before the Astor Place branch which was announced before it. Expect the same quality pastries as the rest of the chain. Status: Certified Open; 989 3rd Ave, 212-486-2919

4) Lower East Side: Bowery Boogie posts a shot of garbage piled high in front of a new Subway sandwich shop in the Avalon Chrystie. It only took the chain five months to build out the space. Status: Certified Open; 229 Chrystie St.

5) Chelsea: FloFab files on Lulu Cake Boutique, a bakery whose flagship resides in the Westchester town of Scarsdale. They're selling homemade versions of classic mainstream treats like Oreos, Yodels and Twinkies, as well as numerous cakes, cookies and bars. Status: Certified Open; 112 8th Ave, 212-242-5858

6) Red Hook: Per a tipster, Caselnova, the Italian restaurant that replaces 215 Cucina Napoletana on Columbia St, has started serving its straightforward boot-centric cuisine. Status: Certified Open; 215 Columbia St, 718-522-7500
—Zachary Feldman
[photo: Thrillist]


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