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Remembering The Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge, a Real NY Dive

Maybe the now closed Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge was loved because it was such a real dive bar in one of the last ungentrified neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Or maybe it was the lap dances!

EV Grieve spent some time in the bar last summer and recalls several friendly ladies suddenly showing up around 10 PM and walking around the joint in bikinis and lingerie, saying that "every few minutes Delicious or Cinnamon or Diamond walks up and asks again if you'd like a dance. No thanks! Two minutes later... There's not much of a chance of sitting here for, say, a few hours drinking without purchasing a $10 dance. (And they don't have change for a $20, oddly enough.)" Yeah, it was probably the lap dances.
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Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge

200 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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