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Bobo Snatches Back 18 Greenwich Space, Wins Approval

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The saga of the old burned down Village Paper space at 18 Greenwich continues. First gay bar Pieces wanted to expand into it. Then Bobo's Carlos Suarez wanted to turn it into an all day cafe and rooftop farm for local schoolchildren. Moments later, Keith McNally snatched it up with plans to turn it into a Pulino's Cafe. And we all know how that turned out.

Last night, it bounced back to Suarez. The restaurateur who had been unable to secure approval previously arrived at the Community Board 2 SLA Licensing Committee meeting with a phalanx of community members there to speak in support of his project (full details on the space here). His community outreach efforts were rewarded with unanimous approval for a beer and wine license. He still has to win approval from the full board later this month, but it looks like the McNally escapade may have softened the board for Suarez's gallant return.
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